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What is covered by my Guarantee/Extended Warranty?

We provide a standard 1 Year Guarantee on all our mattresses, which protects you against
manufacturing defects. If you then register your product within 1 month of purchase, we will increase it through our extended warranty.

If you feel your product develops a fault within the period specified on the label of your mattress, please follow the below process. However, please read this document to make sure what you believe is an issue, is not actually normal before making getting in contact.

The Guarantee/Warranty does not cover:

• A normal increase in softness in the polymer filling material or a decrease in the slow recovery performance, which does not affect the pressure relieving properties.
• Any smells relating to the mattress
• Body indentations relating to normal settlement
• Level of perceived comfort
• Where a product has been purchased online, and the complaint is due to the “feel” of the mattress
• Where the mattress has had more than 1 owner

The guarantee covers any deterioration, which causes the mattress to have a permanent indentation of considerably more than the guidelines issued by FIRA.

The guarantee will cease to apply if the independent inspection finds that during the guarantee period, any of the following applies:

• Abuse, misuse, or general wear and tear
• The mattress has been used on a slatted base with slats more than 7.5cm apart
• Any causes other than faulty manufacture or materials
• Where the product is soiled, has become wet, or in an unsanitary condition
• Where the customer care hints detailed in this document have not been applied – this includes not rotating the mattress as recommended
• Where the cover has been removed where the label does not state “removable, washable cover”
• A new mattress has been used with an existing, damaged divan or a divan that is deemed to be of unsuitable quality

In order to register your concern, you will need to report the problem to the retailer from whom you purchased the bed and they will handle your guarantee claim on your behalf and liaise with us. You will need to provide your Proof of Purchase in order for us to investigate your issue under your Guarantee.