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There are impressions in my mattress from where I sleep, is this normal?

Body impressions are a characteristic of quality mattresses working as they should by conforming to the shape of your body. You should expect to see impressions, sometimes described as settlement or “dipping”.

With regards to settlement, what is acceptable can vary from case to case depending on the individual using the product, the depth of the mattress, and the materials used. The Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA) provide guidelines which suggest that settlement of between 2 and 4cm in depth is acceptable for a mattress that is 5 years old. In addition, settlement depth may be higher when the mattress has been recently used, and if not used for a while, the mattress will recover some height.

Industry settlement tolerances:

0-6 months: 2.5cm

6-12 months: 3cm

12-24 months: 3.5cm

24-36 months: 4cm

36-60 months: 4.5cm

We will not normally consider settlement to be a fault.

In the event of a dispute in this area, we can arrange for a HomeServe Inspection at a cost of £50. Mammoth will consider HomeServe’s findings as final. HomeServe is an independent third-party organisation qualified to assess mattress issues in line with industry standards.
In the event a fault is found within the Guarantee Period, the £50 will be refunded, and the product replaced or repaired. For more information visit click here