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I’ve just received my mattress, what do I do first?

Remove packaging
Remove all plastic packaging and dispose of it safely. To avoid the risk of suffocation, keep all plastic away from children.

Allow to air
Do not cover your mattress straight away. Allow it to air thoroughly for a few hours. Airing the mattress on a regular basis will help keep the comfort fillings and fabric fresh.

Register your mattress
We know you will be eager to get into bed but while you are letting your mattress air, click here and register your new mattress for complete peace of mind.

Delivered Rolled
If your mattress comes rolled, carefully pierce the outer wrapping of the mattress, and gently pull the plastic away from the mattress. Place the mattress on the bed where it will be located. The bottom of the mattress is easily discernible from the top of the mattress, so make sure it is the correct way up. Remove the bag from the mattress. Your mattress will take a few hours (maximum 24) to fully recover.